3 Easy Beginner Skateboard Tricks You Can Land Today

Did you just start skateboarding? Are you looking for some easy beginner skateboard tricks you can learn today? Good. Then you’ve come to the right place.

The reality is skateboarding is only fun when you have tricks to have fun with. And the majority of skateboarders today quit within their first 5 years of skateboarding, simply because they don’t have enough tricks.

If you are a beginner skater looking to learn some easy tricks Pay Attention, because here are 3 Easy Skateboard Tricks you can learn today.

Boneless Grab

Boneless Grab

This is an old school trick that’s really simple, and fun to do. Any beginner skateboarder could do this trick.

Start by standing on your board with both feet over the bolts. Now, take off your front foot by taking a step back. Keep your back foot on the board. Now, with your backhand grab the board right in the middle, in front of your back foot, and lift the board up.

Your back foot should still on the skateboard. And with your front foot jump up, and put your foot back on the board as you land. It’s really that easy. For extra style points add a 180 to your boneless grabs, or some sort of flip.


Manual Skateboard Trick

Another trick you can try, even before learning how to Ollie, is a Manual. To manual all you have to do is ride along balancing on your back wheels without having your tail (aka. the back of the board) touch the ground.

There are several different variations of this trick too, by the way. There’s also the nose manual, the one-footed manual, the one wheel manual, and a bunch of combos you can do.

All it takes is practice and balance to do a simple manual though. Just get on your board, give yourself a couple pushes, and lean back on your tail. With the right momentum you can pull off some really long manuals.

Once you got your balance right, you’re going to want to start to manual sidewalks and boxes. Practice by Olling to manual on the flat ground first. Then work your way up to sidewalks.


Super High Ollie

The Ollie is the foundation to almost all skateboarding tricks. You want your Ollies on lock, so practice them often. If you’re a complete beginner it can be helpful to learn by placing your wheels in a sidewalk crack, trying in grass, or carpet to steady your balance.

First things first, get on your board and into stance. Your stance would be placing your back foot in the center of the tail, and front foot just under your bolts. Get comfortable, stand up straight, look over your shoulder (in the direction you would be going), crouch down, and pop your Ollie.

The trick is to jump with your board. As soon as your back foot pops the board slide your front foot up towards the nose — this will pick the board up, thus creating an Ollie.

Now suck up legs to your chest for maximum height, then level the board out when you’re at your peak height, and come down for the landing by bending your knees to adsorb the Ollie.

Learn to land over the bolts when you learn this trick. It will save you many broken boards if you do. And whatever you do, have fun learning skateboarding tricks!

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