3 Tips For Beginner Skateboarders

Just started skateboarding? Still a little scared of committing to your tricks? Maybe even frustrated with how long it takes for you to land your tricks?

If you’ve just started skateboarding and you’re looking for tips on how to overcome your fear, commit to your tricks, defeat frustration, and land more cool skateboard tricks that will impress your friends, then pay attention to the following three tips.

#1 – Feel good to skate good

It’s the law of attraction that states we always get more of what we focus on. If you’re letting yourself get frustrated over a trick, more things will happen for you to react to.

Instead of focusing on the problem which is making you so upset, focus your energy on the solution and ask questions like, “HOW can I land this trick right now?”

And remember this, by always getting frustrated it becomes a habit to feel negative whenever you’re skateboarding. Don’t make this mistake. Make it a point to always feel good when skateboarding and you’ll land more tricks.

#2 – Feel the fear and do it anyway

We all have this fear doing things outside our comfort zone. The difference between professionals and unsponsored skaters is the pros do it anyway.

There is no way to fully get rid of that fear, but there is ways to relieve this fear. One way is through the practice of visualizing. By visualizing the trick happening over and over again, your brain begins to believe you’ve already done this before, and you will act more confidently.

Another good technique for overcoming your fear and committing to a trick is being on a roll …in the zone. By landing a couple easier tricks first, before you attempt the “grand finale”, you gain enough confidence to drive you through the fear and commit to your trick.

#3 – Have more fun to land more tricks 

Skateboarding is to fun are like peanut butter is to jelly. Without fun in skateboarding it would be very dry and boring. Skateboarding is a unique sport which allows you to express yourself through your skating. When you have fun, you become more creative, and you learn new tricks easier. 

Competition in skateboarding is a good thing, because it can be used as motivation to progress and get better, but you should never let competition take away your uniqueness.

Focus on being a creative skateboarder and come up with your own tricks. Responding to what the competition is doing makes you just another face in the crowd. To stand out you have to get creative and be yourself. 

Get inspired from your favorite skaters and put your own unique twist on a trick you saw and/or add some of your own style to the trick to make it your own. Come up with tricks that nobody else is doing. Skaters like this are the ones who shine through the crowd.

Even though acting on these tips will really help you improve your skills, there’s always more to learn. Learn all you can about what you’re interested in and you’ll someday become a master.

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See you there!

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