7 Tricks Every Beginner Skateboarder Should Learn For The Skatepark

Before you hit up your local skatepark, watch a couple of these trick tip videos. This will give you a better idea of what tricks you should be focusing on (when learning how to skateboard).

Work on the tricks you seem to be doing the best with and then sprinkle the tougher tricks in between your skate sesh. This keeps skateboarding challenging and fun.

Working on the same trick for too long can ruin your entire skate sesh, with you being either too frustrated, or tired to continue.

Keep skateboarding fun!

Have fun when learning new skateboarding tricks. That’s the secret to landing the tricks in your wildest dreams. If you can tap into the right mindset any trick is possible for you.

Here are 7 tricks every beginner skateboarder should learn for the skatepark:

1. Dropping In & Pumping

Quick tips:

Dropping in is all about COMMITMENT. If you chicken out half-way dropping in, you’re probably going to wipe out. If you bend your knees and get a low center of gravity, lean forward, and connect your front wheels, chances are you’re going to land it.

Leaning forward might seem scary but have faith in the technique. If you’re really nervous about dropping in on a quarter pipe/ miniramp maybe you need to practice dropping in on a bank first.

2. 50-50 Grind

Quick tips:

Before attempting a 50-50 grind for the first time, practice Olling sideways a bit. This what you’re going to be doing when rolling up beside a ledge/ box.

You could for the head on approach, but it’s riskier because you’re not always locked on proper. Olling sideways into a 50-50 really locks your grind in place, all the way through.

3. Pop Shuv-it

Quick tips:

This is one of the easiest tricks you can learn in skateboarding. Before learning pop-shuv-its you might want to work on your shuv-its. The only difference is there is no pop in a shuv-its …Doh!

Shuv-its are real fun, but you can’t shuv-it off a set of stairs or over a gap. You’ve gotta learn how to catch a pop shuv-it at the peak of your pop. With practice, you will.

4. Frontside Noseslide

Quick tips:

Before learning this trick you should learn how to nosestall first. I’m talking about nosestalling curbs, stairs, benches, boxes, and whatever else you can find that you can Ollie onto.

Some beginners might learn how to nosestall with Olling, and that’s perfectly fine. You can also learn how to noseslide this way too. Wait till you learn this tricks, you’ll be doing it all the time.

5. Kickflip

Quick tips:

The kickflip is one of, if the the most wanted trick for beginner skateboarders. It took me a couple months to figure this trick out for myself, so don’t get frustrated if you don’t land it the first day of trying.

Watch a bunch of trick tip videos on this trick, get perspective from skaters who can do this trick really well, relax and have fun with this one! Pop a solid Ollie, and at your peak flick your ankle in the top corner of your board. All that’s left to do now is catch the flip with your back foot, bring your front foot back, absorb the landing, and roll away!

6. Rock Fakie/ Rock n’Roll

Quick tips:

The rock n’roll trick might be an easier for you, because you are riding back into the ramp the way you came up. But really they’re both simple tricks.

Get use to pumping the miniramp first, obviously, so that you get use to riding out fakie. While you’re at it, get use to riding switch too, because this will round out your entire game and turn you into a WAY better skateboarder.

7. Backside Grind

Quick tips:

There’s two ways you can do this trick. One way is to grind on top of the coping, and the other way is to grind the coping on the side. The second way is easier and safer, but you should eventually learn how to do it both ways.

As long as you have your trucks set it the right position, there should be no fear of hanging up and crashing. Dropping in on a backside 50-50 grind is easy once you know how. Get out there and learn how!

If you want my opinion, I’d say that the three easiest tricks to learn on this list would have the be the pop shuv-it, frontside noseslide, and rock to fakie. So if you only want a couple tricks to practice at once, there’s three of them, and they’re probably going to be easy for you too. Try ’em out!

How many of these tricks you can already do?



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