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Learning how to kickflip is very important because it’s a key fundamental trick for the more advanced skateboard tricks you want to learn someday.

Kickflips are not easy. It takes a lot of work to master but when you figure it out, you will get a boost of confidence, and a right-of-passage allowing you to land new tricks (e.g. varial flips, 180 flips, 360 flips, and a host of others).

In this blog post, you’re going to learn how to kickflip like a pro!

What Is A Kickflip?

Basically speaking, a proper kickflip is made possible with a hard pop, quick flick, high catch, and bolts landing.

A kickflip works because you test, track and tweak your results.

If you’re doing the same thing every time with little-to-no success, you might want to try something different. Track your results and see what works better. Keep what works and remove what doesn’t.

That’s how you’re going to continue learning skateboard tricks like this one.

Here’s the overall flow of how a kickflip works:

How To Kickflip

This is the exact step-by-step sequence of how to kickflip:

  1. Pop
  2. Flick
  3. Catch
  4. Land
  5. Roll

Kickflip Step-by-Step

Setup a kickflip by getting into proper stance.

Your front foot slightly below the bolts, and your back foot on the tail. Use the ball of your foot to press down on the tail to get a good pop.

With you front foot, flick out in front of. A common mistake beginner skaters make is flicking down towards the ground. This makes landing the kickflip that much more difficult.

Pop up, and flick out towards the corner pocket of your skateboard.


Timing is the key to landing kickflips.

You have to pop, flick and catch in a heartbeat. It’s all about good timing and it’s going to require practice before figuring it out. Keep trying.


Landing a kickflip can be hacked. When attempting the kickflip, try holding onto a table or waist-high fence where you can lean your weight on. This way you can get more airtime to figure this trick out.

When you catch a kickflip, it’s usually your back foot that will stop the rotation. The front foot returns to the board immediately after flicking the kickflip.

With both feet on the board, land and roll away!

Kickflip Trick Tips

Practice this everyday when you’re feeling your best. As soon as you start to get bored or frustrated, move onto another trick. Get into the flow of things by landing a couple easy tricks, having fun and getting into the mindset of being curious & creative.

Common problems beginner skateboarders have with kickflips:

1. Not popping high enough — Skate more, workout some.
2. Not flicking properly — Practice the flick more before trying to land.
3. Not catching with both feet — Use a fence or table to hold onto.

Land A Kickflip

Landing the kickflip requires you to get feedback from other skaters who can kickflip well and gather what works, then actually use it.

Applying what you learn is how to get the best results as quickly as possible.

Follow these steps as properly laid out for you and there’s no saying to what other skateboard tricks you can land.

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Last minute tips

Practice your Ollies and have fun. If you find yourself getting frustrated learning the kickflip, leave this trick alone for a while. Try again when you’re feeling more optimistic.

Flicking the board downward is a common mistake beginner skateboarders make when learning this trick. Remember to flick outward so that your front foot can easily and quickly return to the board.

It helps to land some easier tricks first to build confidence and momentum. Also, don’t try and force a trick to happen. Landing a kickflip will happen almost effortlessly when you’re ready.

Keep skating, practicing often, and you will quickly improve!

Have you landed a kickflip yet? Did you find these trick tips helpful, or do you have any tips to add? Leave a comment below.

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