How To Ollie | Trick Tips

Learning how to Ollie is a must for every beginner skateboarder.

Having the ability to pop an Ollie anytime, anywhere is a great feeling. With some good advice and practice, you too can learn how to Ollie on a skateboard.

When starting out skateboarding, your balance may not be the best, so trying to Ollie can be a scary thing. Ease your fear of falling by steadying your skateboard. This way you can attempt a few Ollies standing still before trying them rolling.

Three ways to steady your skateboard:

  1. Practice in the grass or on carpet
  2. Place your back wheels in a sidewalk crack
  3. Hold onto a fence or something else

Get onto your board and into Ollie stance. Your front foot will be under the front bolts, slanted slightly. Back foot goes on the tail with the ball of your foot centered near the edge of your board.

Step 1: Pop Your Skateboard

Get use to the feeling of popping your skateboard. With your front foot off the board for now, press down on the tail with your back foot, and pop your tail to get the feeling. You will notice with a new skateboard it feels much more solid, which will make a difference in your skating ability.

When you’re ready to Ollie, with the back foot on the tail, pop your skateboard. As soon as do this, jump up so your board has room to rise up. This happens in perfect harmony with your front foot.

Step 2: Slide Your Front Foot Up

After you pop your the tail of your board, your front foot slides up towards the nose. The most critical piece to the Ollie happens here, which is timing. This trick only works if you get the timing of ‘popping your board’ and ‘sliding your front foot up’ right.

Step 3: Level The Board And Land

At the peak of the Ollie, level your skateboard out. Catch the board with your back foot as it’s reaching its peak. Now the skateboard should be stuck to your feet as your drop down for landing.

It’s a good habit to land over your bolts. Doing this will prevent your board from breaking when you later begin Ollie down stairs.

Last minute tips to remember for this skateboarding trick is, practice makes perfect. The more your practice, the better you get. Learn from your mistakes and keep trying until you find what works. If you don’t give up, you will learn how to Ollie.

Let us know how you’re doing with this trick, or if you have any tips you could share, leave a comment below.

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