How To Ollie Higher

Do you want to know how to pop higher Ollies?

Besides the fact the big Ollies look better, learning how to Ollie higher can also open up many new doors to new tricks that you’ve never done before. With a bigger Ollie, you will be able get onto higher obstacles like handrails and ledges.

Just imagine how many new tricks you will learn by improving the most important trick in skateboarding, the Ollie.

Of course, practice is necessary, and with enough practice, you are virtually guaranteed to improve, but practicing your Ollie isn’t the only way to get more pop.

In this blog post, you will learn all the ways how to increase the height of your Ollies.

How High Can You Ollie?

First things first… how high can you Ollie?

Measure how high you can Ollie using stacked skateboard decks.

If you’re a beginner skater, your first goal is to Ollie one skateboard deck lying on its side, which is about 8 inches high.

Two decks interlocked with each other is about one foot high. Four decks is about 2 feet high and six skate decks, approximately 36 inches high.


Track Your Progress

Every week or two, try a few super Ollies to track your progress.

Start testing your Ollies by jumping over obstacles. Set some things on the ground and start practicing your Ollies.

You can’t improve if you don’t measure your results.

It’s very important that you track your progress. This way you can see the kind of improvements you’re looking for. Tracking your progress will also help you gain confidence while training, keeping you motivated and pushing for more.

Increase Your Vertical Leap

Physical exercise is another great way to improve your overall capabilities on a skateboard.

Start working out. Begin training yourself to perform at the best of your ability.

Here are some of the exercises you should know:

  • Squats
  • Leg curls
  • Calf raises
  • Deadlifts

If training with weights is your thing or you don’t have access to them, its ok. There’s lots of bodyweight exercises or other workouts you could take on. For example, jumping rope or running stairs. Or try plyometrics.

Plyometrics aka. “jump training” is training used by athletes, especially martial artists and high jumpers, to improve performance. This training is designed to make you “explosive”.

Exercises you should know:

  • Box jumps
  • Squat jump,
  • Vertical depth jump
  • Alternate leg bounding
  • Lateral jump

When it comes to skateboarding, training legs is important but so is core training.

Heck, any exercise will be beneficial, but it’s the legs and core which you should really focus on if you’re going to improve your Ollie.

Ride New Skateboards

As much as you can, try to ride a fresh deck.

New skateboards can give you a crispy pop that will boost your Ollies that much more. New griptape also helps to grip your board better. The weight of your trucks is another factor you should be aware of.

If buying new skateboards is a problem for you, it’s time to get creative and find a way to make that happen.

Try putting together a “sponsor me video” so you can at least get a discount on all the boards you buy. Or you could earn/raise some money, then buy a bunch of boards in bulk. This way anytime you feel like you could use a new deck, you’ve got one.


Mark Gonzales | Hippy Jump

Honestly though, popping Massive Ollies has less to do with the skateboard and more to do with the skateboarder.

Stop making excuses and start making things happen.

What now?


If you follow the steps I mentioned above, you should start seeing an increase in the height of your Ollies. The thing to keep in mind when skateboarding is that it takes time to see massive success. Be patient, have fun and keep skating!

Is there anything else you wish you could do on a skateboard?


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