How To Ollie: Skateboarding Trick Tip

June 12, 2010

Trick Tips

Introduction to the Ollie

The Ollie is the cornerstone trick in skateboarding. This trick is going to be the bridge to every other trick you learn on a skateboard.

Take your time and get this trick good. Proper form is everything.

Don’t worry about height in the beginning – focus on form.

Learn Ollies properly and the rest will follow…

How to Ollie on a skateboard:

  • First try your Ollies stationary.
  • Grass or carpeting may help keep you still if you’re having trouble with balance.
  • Put your back foot on the tail and your front foot down behind the front truck bolts.
  • Press your back foot down snapping your tail. At the same time jump up and become light on your board. Your front foot should drag up towards the front nose of your board pulling the board up with you.
  • As you reach the peak height of your Ollie level your skateboard out.
  • Land and compress your knees.

When practicing Ollies focus on perfecting your form.

Style is everything is skateboarding.

Watch and learn from your favorite skateboarders and apply what you see.

Once you can land Ollies in the stationary position try them rolling.

Then once you’ve got that it’s time to start applying them to actual street skating …up and down curbs and over obstacles, and then onto different variations.

The 2 most basic variations of the Ollie are:

  1. Frontside 180 Ollie
  2. Backside 180 Ollie

(Watch the video above for a quick run through of these two tricks.)

When you learn how to Ollie get someone to film you and teach this trick to someone else. Post your Ollie Trick Tip as a video response to this video and teach someone your way of how to Ollie.

More skateboard trick tips coming soon.

Until then, have fun skateboarding!


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10 Responses to “How To Ollie: Skateboarding Trick Tip”

  1. Rialey Says:

    i’m a girl and i LOVE to skateboard but i just can’t get the ollie i try soo hard but i just can’t get it i don’t get how to pull my left foot up on time. and i don’t get how you say jump up and become light on my board.


    • admin Says:

      Hey Rialey, keep practicing. The Ollie is about all about timing. Just as you slam your tail to the ground you want to leap up and ahead. As soon as you smack your tail to the ground your front foot should be sliding up towards the nose to pick the board up for the Ollie. Then you have to suck both your knees up to your stomach to level the board out in the air …absorb the impact and roll away.

      Don’t stress out about it too much. Enjoy learning the trick and have fun. If you’re not having fun it’s going to make things so much more difficult to learn. Keep yourself busy with all sorts of easy, fun tricks and the Ollie will happen with enough practice.

      Stay positive and keep trying.


      • james Says:

        thank you i read railey’s comment and i rad your and your really inspiried me to keep skating because i was just about to quit ….. so THANK YOU


    • Keaton Says:

      Hey as with most things I find skating with friends helps you stay motivated and have fun.


  2. Fahmi K Says:

    I can ollie on the grass but i cant ollie on a cement…Any Tips?


    • Nemo12 Says:

      For most skaters the reason why they can’t ollie on cement is fear. Get rid of your fear and it will be easy.If u can try to skateboard towards a patch of grass so if u fall it won’t hurt.sometimes if u just wear protective gear you’ll feel safer.


  3. Tyrese Clark Says:

    I can’t do an Ollie on grass, carpet or cement i just can’t move both of my feet when i snap the tail. If you have any tips for me y’all can just email me at and BTW thanks for that tip on how to gain momentum/speed without pushing. 🙂


  4. John Bradsher Says:

    Its a wonderful chance to try some new experience. I did it finely on the grass floor. Will try on other floors as well. Thank you for the great trick 🙂



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