How To Pop Shuvit | Trick Tips

Learning how to pop-shuvit is one of the first skateboarding tricks you will learn as a beginner skateboarder.

Before attempting this trick make sure you feel comfortable on a skateboard, and know how to Ollie. You should also be practicing shuvits before learning the pop-shuvit. 

So what is a pop shuvit and how is it done?

A pop shuvit combines an ollie with a shuvit, popping up the board, spinning 180 degrees in the air while you hover above the skateboard. You can do this trick frontside or backside. For this trick tip, we will cover backside because it’s a bit easier.

Foot Placement

The foot position for a pop shuvit is a similar to an Ollie stance. The difference being the front foot leaves the board, and your back foot scoops the tail.

Place your front foot just under the front bolts on a little bit of an angle. Now place your back foot on the tail near the side pocket. This allows for you to scoop the skateboard really nicely for pop shuvits.

Trick Performance

Use your back foot to pop the board and spin it 180 degrees. Smack your tail on the ground, creating a nice popping sound. Make sure to pop the board from exactly the center of the tail otherwise there’s a chance the board will flip as it comes around.

As you pop up, with your back foot, give the board a slight kick towards your back heel to get the board spinning. 

Most of the work for this trick happens with the back foot. So what you could so is practice this trick with your front foot off the board, using only your back foot, to get familiar with how to scoop the tail for a pop shove it.

Rolling Away

As the board comes around, use your front foot to stop the rotation. Place your front foot down and keep pressure on it until the back foot is also on the skateboard.

When you catch the board, after it spins 180 degrees, try to land with both your feet on the bolts. Bend your knees to help absorb the impact. Ride away clean.

Last Minute Tips

If you’re nervous about trying a pop shuvit while rolling, you could try it standing still, but just know that a pop shuvit is not a very good stationary trick. It’s better to have at least some forward momentum.

Practice this fundamental trick often. Knowing how to do easy skateboarding tricks really well improves your overall skate game, because you can use these tricks effortlessly in trick combos, or for more advanced tricks in the future.

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