Kickflip Trick Tip for Beginners

One of the most wanted tricks to learn as a beginner is the Kickflip.

This trick is a true test for every beginner skateboarder. If you can learn this trick, then you unlock the possibility of learning much more difficult tricks.

Learning how to Kickflip is a big step that can separate a beginner skater from an intermediate skater.

You’ll find that after you learn this trick, other more advanced flip tricks become easier to learn. A few variations of this trick include: Varial Flip, Frontside and Backside Flip, 360 Flip and others.

Before learning Kickflips, you should be able to Ollie. Not only that, but Ollie high enough for your board to flip the entire rotation.

Practice until you can pop an Ollie over at least 2 decks. This will give you the best chance for success with Kickflips.

How To Kickflip


Step up your kickflip by placing your back foot in the middle of the board, in the center of the tail, similar to an Ollie.

Place your front foot just below the front truck bolts. This foot will be slightly pointed, with your heel hanging off the board. It’s your toes that flip the skateboard.


Snap an Ollie by pressing down on the tail with your back foot.

But instead of dragging the foot up the board, like an Ollie, use your toes to flip outward. Aim in the corner pocket of your board.

As you pop your board, jump up to give it room enough to spin the full rotation.


At the peak of your Ollie, flip the skateboard with your front foot. Aim for the top corner pocket of your board. Use you toes and kick outwards to flip the board.

Work on your timing and flipping the board just right. You want the board to level out in the air so its easier to catch.


Catch a kickflip by using your back foot to stop the rotation. Watch your skateboard closely for this.

After you catch the board with your back foot, return your front foot to the board. If you kicked outward when flipping the board, this should be easy.

Land & Roll Away

Timing a kickflip can be tricky. With enough practice though, you can master this trick like all the other skaters before you.

Believe in yourself.

 Can you kickflip yet?

Leave a comment in the section below. Are you still struggling with this trick or have you got it mastered? Also, if you’ve got any tips that would help a beginner skater learn the Kickflip, share them with us!


  • I have been trying to kickflip for a 2 weeks and I still can’t get it so I was wondering if you can help

    • First of all, be patient. Don’t force a trick to happen before its time. If it’s meant to happen, it will. If not, oh well. Maybe you are a heelflip type skater. Anyway – keep trying them, just don’t force it to happen, ya know?

      After that being said, good kickflips require 3 things: pop, flick & catch. You have to pop a solid ollie. Make sure when you’re pushing down on the tail, that the force goes right in the center of the tail. Next part is about having a good ankle flick. It takes practice but once you have that and solid Ollies, you will have kicklfips in the bag. Now, part of catching the kickflip. Catch the board first with back foot. It’s proper and it can look real steezy.

      Watch some of these pro skater kickflips, and see how it’s done. Then go practice what you’ve learned. If you still can’t kickflip, keep watching kickflip trick tip videos, until you dream of kickflips. Visualize them in slo-motion, from a third person perspective, and then first person view like you’re actually doing it yourself. And then practice some more. Soon you will master them if believe in yourself and keep trying.

  • I have a problem with my kiclfip. When i don’t actually go for it i fully spin the board and land with my front foot. I do that just to get the flick part down. But when i actually go for the tricks i always flip the board halfway. What is it that i am doing wrong? PLease help

    • This is a common problem for beginner skateboarders. If I had to guess, I’d say when you’re practicing the flip, your front foot could be flicking & kicking out more than when you actually go for the kickflip. It takes a good, solid ollie with a quick flick your front foot. Not flicking the board down, but flicking in the corner pocket of your skateboard out in front of you …like a ninja kick!

  • I have two main problems when attempting a kickflip. One of the problems is that I over rotate the board. I always do 1 1/2 flips instead of just 1 and I’m not sure why. My other problem is that when I do land I’m unbalanced and end up having to step off because I’m leaning back too much I guess. If you have any advice I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

    • Over-flipping your board could be solved by placing your front foot more toward the middle of the board. This will make for a much slower flip. In other words, it’s easier to flip your board when your front foot is on the edge of the board.

      When attempting kickflips, expect to land them. Stomp that landing with confidence. Land with your feet on the bolts, stay centered on your board, and absorb the landing by bending your knees.

      Most importantly, use trial and error. If something isn’t working for you, try something else. Keep trying until you figure it out. You will if you don’t give up.

      Stay positive and have fun!

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