Most Common Ollie Mistakes

Learning how to Ollie doesn’t have to be difficult.

Take a few minutes to learn how to avoid making these Ollie mistakes so you can master the Ollie and move onto other tricks. Once you learn what doesn’t work, then you can find out does work and you can master the Ollie for good.

Read this entire blog post and learn the secrets to the most important trick in skateboarding, the Ollie.

Ollie Mistakes And How To Correct Them

Every new skateboarder wants to learn how to Ollie and while it might look easy, it actually takes precise timing, coordination and practice.

“All good things worth having, are worth working for.”

Expect to make a lot of mistake when first learning new skateboard tricks, but don’t let that get you down. It’s actually a blessing in disguise, because it’s through your failures that you have success. Learn from your mistakes and they can’t be called failures.

Keep trying different techniques and find out what works for you; and then continue to practice until you have mastered the Ollie completely.

ollie skateboard trick

Let’s get started. Here some common mistakes beginners make when learning how to Ollie:

Ollie Mistake #1 – Incorrect Foot Placement

If you don’t have the proper foot placement to control your skateboard, your Ollies will continue to get away from you.

What you want is total control of your skateboard. When you Ollie, your skateboard should be stuck to the bottom of your skate shoes the whole time.

Your back foot should be right in the center of your tail. Kick straight down and get a nice, crispy pop.

Your front foot is meant to slide up towards the nose to give the board some height.

As you’re doing this, lift your both of your knees to your chest to get maximum height.

Level out the skateboard at the peak of your Ollie and land with both feet over the bolts.

Ollie Mistake #2 – Improper Pop

Getting your board to pop up seems to be big problem with beginner skateboarders, but once you understand the mechanics of the Ollie, learning it will become much easier for you.

Pop your skateboard by crouching down, jumping up, and kicking down with your back foot, as your front foot slides up towards the nose. Bring up your back foot now and level the board out as you come down to land.

This is the part of the Ollie which requires precise timing, good foot work and practice.

Spend time practicing the Ollie and watching skateboarding trick tip videos to learn the best techniques.

Keep working on your pop until you feel the snap through your whole body.

Ollie Mistake #3 – Chicken-foot

If you don’t already know, “chicken-foot” is psychological problem some skateboarders have where they will attempt a trick and bail constantly.

If you don’t believe you really can land your trick, you will chicken out instead out committing to your trick.

To help with this problem, close your eyes and visualize yourself performing the trick to perfection, as if it were happening in real life. Feel the feelings of already having landed your trick.

Do this several times over and over in your head and you’ll find more confidence to overcome the fear of falling.

Also, the more time you face your fear and push past it, the more confident you become so practice often!

Ollie Mistake #4 – Shifting

Often beginner skateboarders will attempt an Ollie and land on a slight angle.

We call this shifting. It happens when either your shoulders are squared up with you skateboard or your foot placement is off.

To solve this problem of shifting, when you Ollie line your shoulders up with your skateboard. The reason for this is because wherever your shoulders go, your skateboard will follow.

Keep your shoulder lined up with your board and look over your lead shoulder when Olling and will find that your Ollies become much straighter.

This should solve that problem, but if it doesn’t you might also want to experiment with foot placement.

Ollie Mistake #5 – Low Ollies

Low Ollies aren’t so much a mistake as they are problems for new skateboarders.

You can improve the height of your Ollies by doing a couple different things:

  • When getting ready to Ollie, crouch down low and jump up high
  • Pop a quick, snappy Ollie that bounces off the concrete in the air
  • Suck you knees to your chest to get maximum height on your Ollies
  • Workout your leg muscles (e.g. calf muscles) to also get more height

Of course, the more you continue to skate, the tougher your legs muscles will become, which means much higher Ollies.

How To Correct These Ollie Mistakes

When correcting these most common Ollie mistakes beginner skateboarders make, there are several things:

  1. Find the best Ollie stance for you that works.
  2. Crouch down low and jump up high.
  3. See yourself succeeding; commit to your tricks.
  4. Look over your shoulder to Ollie.
  5. Practice often; strengthen your leg muscles.

Well there you have it, some of the most common Ollie mistakes, along with ways of correcting them.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you did please share it with your friends. If you have any questions or issues when learning how to Ollie, leave it in the comment box below.

Until next time, keep skating!


  • hey guys can you do a trick tip on how to keep the board under you, because on my heelflips 360-flips and 360 shuvs it goes away from me. Also if you could make one for how to make the board more controlled (not fliping or fliping perfectly) that would really help too, im a huge fan

    • What size board are you using? You might just need to upscale

      • No I don’t believe that. You have to feel your board with your toes and feel the shape that the board Under the bottom of your feet and then master the pop with this newly formed connection. Faster faster and more guts are needed. When you are going as fast as you can go and can Ollie perfectly with complete consistency you’ll Ollie everywhere even in the cold cold winter.

    • Try almost leaning backwards and to The right towards your tail or tre flip pocket in this case. Also, get your back foot out of the way. this will help ALOT with your scoop and make it easier. Atleast thats how i learned them.

    • Can you do a video how to ollie and 180 in the air because I can’t land it

    • Heel flips and 3 shuvs are tricks that flip outward. So your gonna want to jump forward just a little bit. 360 flips just need to be a little higher in the air, so make sure to you get good pop. It doesnt need to be crazy high, just so your board doesn’t hit the ground during the flip. Keep practicing!

  • I am a girl and when ever I go 2 the skatepark the guys will always like bring me down and I lost all my confidence now plz help me I beg and I can’t seem 2 see my problem with my Ollie

    • Whatever you do, don’t give up. Keep trying. If what you’re doing isn’t working, try something new. Skateboarding is all about experimenting with new ideas and finding out what works. Keep tweaking your results until you get what you want. Watch as many trick tip videos as you can, get advice from good skaters, and remember to enjoy yourself. If you don’t give up and you keep trying, eventually you’ll master the Ollie. Don’t let it frustate you, it takes time and lots of practice.

    • @kauthar kasker you should probably learn how to do an Ollie before going to the skatepark to avoid these types of guys from being mean to you. Don’t let them bring you down. Just try to learn at your house before going to the skatepark. I hope you feel better 🙂

    • Don’t get down by those things, try your best! Since i m also a beginner, i m trying really hard to ollie these days by my own or sometimes with my friends 😀
      Just ignore them and do your best! Good luck!

    • I’d say practice practice, get really good with your tricks, and then go to the skatepark and show them who’s boss. BTW If you haven’t hard of Alana Smith she is a girl skater and is just as gnarly as all the boy skaters. Sorry had to repost because the last post had a error in it

    • Same but im not an girl but this guy put me out of my missery of not being able
      to ollie watch this guy he will teach you all that you need to know

      • go with friends like most do, or at least with friends that support what your doing. Im 26 yrs old,I am a solo skater in elk city Oklahoma and the skate community is small, but we have a park , but in the smaller community skaters clique up I didn’t grow up here so I’m left out. I learn a I can online and practice little bit s out of the day when I have time from both jobs I work, I just don’t get a lot of beef cause I ignore them and do my own thing , but I’ve noticed my tricks that I land alone fairly easy they get difficult in the presence of others for some reason Being standoffish and skate with a lil aggression you’ll be alright, just don’t give up man at all costs do not give up.

    • Keep on trying trust me

    • I tried to do an Ollie for the whole summer of 2014. I put myself down a lot, especially since I was already 15 and I couldn’t Ollie. The thing that was preventing me from doing it was rushing it. One day like after months of trying, I said”maybe I’m rushing it” I slowed down and got off the ground. Moral of the story is, don’t rush it.

    • Im a girl too. And here’s the deal. Guys wont bring you down unless you make a big deal out of being a girl at a skatepark. Go to a skatepark, skate until you want to stop, rock it, and stay confident. Guys could not care less whether or not you’re a girl who skates, and thats the bottom line. You just gotta learn to ollie perfectly and you’ll get to the point where you’ll be making their confidence falter.

    • Hey, I’m a girl too. So, when I skate, I don’t think about the boys. Keep practicing, and, when u are better than them, you can show them! And, if you aren’t at that point, then just ignore them. BE YOURSELF. That’s important. If you don’t, then people will think of you as a poser. You don’t want that. Don’t worry about the boys. Just skate 🙂

    • Dude to be a skateboarder you have to have a strong mind. It takes willpower to keep getting up and trying your tricks over and over until you get it. If your biggest problem is people bringing you down then you have another thing coming. And if it bothers you that much skate alone I usually skate alone anyway at a tennis court near my house.

    • keep your feet strait and keep your foot a little more up than in the middle and then practice sliding your foot up and popping and jumping first try it in the grass.

    • when i first started learning how to ollie i just practiced in my back yard or at empty parking lots because i failed really hard but i found when i wasn’t worrying about what people thought i could just focus on the trick, just ignore them keep practicing if you enjoy it then show them your skills girl c;

    • That’s probably their weird way of flirting with you. Dorks like that don’t know how to act around girls, so just keep rollin’!

    • Hey kauthar, I’m a girl as well, and don’t let that stop you. Instead use it as somthing that’s awesome and unique. I can’t ollie either, but I know my problem. I can’t seem to drag my front foot. It stays frozen on the board, but I can’t do anything to help.
      My suggestion is to watch a bunch of YouTube videos, by channels such as Brailelle Skateboarding and HowToSkate, as they really help

    • Hey, I’m a girl too and I’ve been skateboarding for nearly ten years now. I’m not a pro or anything, but I used to ride around in the local skatepark that was mainly just a big bowl that was fun to just drop into and cruise around in. I’m only just now learning street tricks. Anyways, I’d go there and the dudes would sometimes tease me, but sometimes they’d tease me about it. The thing you gotta do is not give up. Just ignore them. Dudes are stupid. Practice at home, by yourself, and learn some awesome stuff. So when you get really good, you can go to the park and if they start saying bad stuff, show off. It’ll blow them away. It always made me feel really good to show them that I was better than them right after they teased me for it.

  • I just can get any height on my ollie at all! so frustrating!, i can pop the board nicely and get it off the ground like that, but then i try to slide my foot up the board and it just stays at that 45 degree angle from when i popped it, i just can’t seem to slide and get it horizontal in the air, or any height for that matter, i have watched countless ollie tips and tricks videos, and practised for hours on end, the same ollie, i can ride smoothly and fine, along the side-walk for example but i just cant get any grip to bring my board up and forward (i bought a new skateboard yesterday, and also new shoes) so its obviously me which is incompetent in completing this ollie! I know im kind of waffling on a bit, but i just can get the board to get any height! Please help if you can!

    • dude u can still pop it… i cant pop my board… but i can slide… u just need to practice sliding with your board stationary. Put your foot on the tail n practice sliding with another foot until u memorize it. Everything should be fine.. practice more 😉

    • Do your Ollie, then, instantly after you pop your board, lift your back foot up to meet your front foot. That helped me solo much I improved twice in a few tries with using that trick. And, if that doesn’t help, it’s just a matter of practicing. If you practice a ly every day, you experiment, you will find u r solution. But, try lifting u r back foot high right after u pop 😉

  • I cant even get the back of the board up in the air

    • New shoes + new board + new grip tape isn’t going to help anything you need to reed what is above bro its an easy how to….bend down push your back foot down make sure the tail snaps off the ground and slid your front foot forward in one swift motion you’ll get it…iv been skating 11 years and its taken me this long to finally land kick flips regularly heel flips and varials my tres are 1 outa 10 still so I practice every day and someday ill be able to land it regularly when I want skateboarding takes alot of patients ALOT so dont think you’re going to learn everything over night just sayin

  • Thx this helped me so much. I recommend this for people that need help

  • Harrison Thompson

    I have been doing ollie’s for about a year to a year and a halve, but thats not the problem. My problem is the board turns when i ollie, i cant help it, i am starting to go into harder ground (ollying off ledges and ollying stairs) but i cant land and ride away because my board has turned in a 45 degree angle and it jerks me off the board, Please help in all you can, cheers mate.

    • Turning your shoulders is what seems to be the problem. Try keeping your shoulders parallel with your skateboard when you Ollie. That should solve the problem you’ve been having with your board turning and landing sideways.

  • Seems good but my skateboard always turns to the right when im in the air, while my feet and shoulders are parallel with my board and straight. Help?

    • Make sure that you slide your foot straight towards the front of the board. Not to the side. That may be your problem, or your shoulders. Hope this helps 🙂

  • My problem is Everytime I try to pop the back it’s not hard enough and I get no air. The article says to jump up so I do it physically and sometimes it seems to help. But when I watch skate videos and other skaters It doesn’t appear they are actually jumping up. They just seem to be popping the board. So should I physically jump? May sound stupid but it’s something I struggle with.

    • To get good height on your Ollies you have to jump. You bend your knees, pop your board, and then jump. As you’re jumping, your front foot is sliding up towards the nose, lifting the board off the ground. Your back foot simply pops the board and catches it at the peak of the Ollie.

      Jumping with a skateboard isn’t like jumping on with both feet on flatground. You know this. Stick with it, keep practicing. Don’t just learn from trick tips but also from trial and error.

      Remember this, “Without struggle, there is no progress.”

      Keep skating and stay positive.

      • I found that my problem was unclear instruction about the timing between jumping and popping. One day when I was watching a slowmo ollie video though, I noticed that the skateboarder already was beginning to jump (at least his body was already going in an upward motion) before snapping the board off the ground. That was a critical change I needed to make in order to get it working. I had been trying to pop the board while all my weight was still pushing down on it (kind of an obvious mistake, but I somehow overlooked this). Hope this helps somebody.

  • It was great help!! I’ve been trying to learn for ages and I nearly have the ollie down but when I do it I get air but the board kicks heaps far forwards away from me.

  • Hello.
    I stopped skating when I was about 15, never any good at it, never mastered the Olle, my skill lv was basically dropping in the ramp and turning on the other side. I SUCKED. And I did not haw anyone else to skate with, I was living an hour from town and was too afraid to go skate with the older guys.

    Now I’m 25, a year and a half ago I found my old boat and started skating the hill from my apartment down to the busstop. It took me at least 6 months to learn to cruise the city properly, pushing and braking at high speed. Its the rugged town of Bergen in Norway and it rains like 230days a year or something, no joke.

    I had no intention to learn to skate again, and I think that is what kept me going. My right hand, knee or my hip was constantly bleeding for about 8 months. Fu** pads;p

    I learned the Olle a year ago and can jump down small stars and bigger ledges. Its still turn sometimes, dont level right and don’t stick to my feet, but I’m 80% there I think. I just need to stop when Im exhausted so I dont destroy what iw lerned.

    My problem at the beginning, was my shoulders like so many other people are saying, so instead of turning my head right and looking at the ledge I was going to jump, I started looking more down to the ground, I noticed even when I did my best to keep my shoulders parallel with the board, they would still turn a bit if I moved my head.
    And the other thing was that my backfoot needed to be centered at the tale, at the beginning I planted it like I was going to do a 180, and of course the board will turn.

    Shoulders straight, (don’t turn your head before you know you can control your shoulders) and center your back foot at the back of the tale.
    Now, a year after I learned the Olle, I can’t do much else, I cruise the town and cobble stone like noone other (50mm Bones Sreet Formula, no Longboard), I do the backside 180, a descent boardslide and some crappy 50/50s, but the ramp trick came much easier after a year cruising has got bruises.

    I tried a heal flip half a year ago and nailed it in 3 of 20 tries. But I don’t concentrate on the flip tricks. Haven’t tried it since.

    I would rather be able to roll all over town ollie over obstacles at high speed, and slides (50/50, boardslide and noseslide). Although I like the oldscool fotstamps/ boneless variables. Not many of the kids these days haw seen it, I just tell them to turn on an 80s skate video.

    Last year my goal was to be able to ride around town and braking big hills without looking stupid.
    This year its Powerslides down hills so I don’t haw to destroy all my shoes when I adjust the feet on the board or braking the speed with my shoe.
    Just NEVER give up, if I hadn’t I would have skated for over 11 years now.

    Before, I was a kid afraid of skating with the bigger guys because they were insanely skilled, now I’m 25 and is afraid of skating with 10y old kids in the local skate park because its just like a bunch of mini Tony Hawks.
    If you are bummed about your ollie, then fu** the ollie for a couple of days and just cruice your board.
    If you hit the asphalt and starts to bleed, who cares get over it.
    Earlier today, I was downtown, and they were rigging up some music equipment for a show tonight. I was going to ollei over a bunch of speaker cords, something went wrong and I hit the asfaly. Hehe. I was out for hours yesterday repping my ollei and railes at the docks, so my muchels were not capable at all after hours staight bending my knees..

    After that I went to my regular Olley spot to practice, fell so hard three times. My legs were so fucked up from the day before. Now I feel like shit because I had problem with a 20cm ledge I landed at least 100 times up and down yesterday. I’m even capable of 50cm ledges at slow speed, but I only get the front wheel and the board up so I have to put pressure on the nose to get it all the way up.

    I can land a trick 100 times perfectly one day, and not be able the next, only because my body is exhausted. And still feel like sit.

    Don’t feel stupid it took me a long time to be able to fall with style, not just wanna rush off and dig me a big hole in the ground.

    And we all haw good days and bad days, if you feel like you’re not going to make it, you probably won’t. Change your atetude.

    The most important thing when you learn to skateboard is to skate with people that are at a higher skill lv than you, then they can tell you what you are doin wrong. Its so **cing anoing when you skate alle alone, wondering why your board is turning, and you haw to go to the internet to find out that it is something so easy as ceeping your shoulders straight.

    Skate the world.

    • Hey Isak I’m a 46 year old Street Skateboarder recently started Skateboarding a few months back I’m trying to get my Ollies down I’ve stopped Skating for the last couple of weeks because I was getting frustrated with not getting my Ollies I was in a funk confidence slightly knocked so I’m thinking of going Street Skating all day tomorrow and not caring about what others think it’s all in my mind I know I can do this but may mind says I’m going to slam I skate alone but shouldn’t make any difference I need help with motivation somebody give me a kick up the ass you are never to old to start Skateboarding help dudes?! Mark UK. 🙂

  • What should I do when my board keeps flipping??? And I also have chicken foot

  • How do i drag my foot

  • one of my most common mistakes in an ollie is it goes into a shove-it as it flies out from the bottom of my feet or flip. lol.

  • Pretty informative article. I think it really takes a lot of practice. I started off on a grass so I don’t have to worry about the board sliding out on me. Once you get your foot to slide perfectly that when you can start doing a lot of other tricks. Keep practicing.

  • Hey dude i want to push faster and constantly at the moment i am starting and stopping to much i would like to keep going is it because I’m not fit enough yet or am i not pushing correctly I’m regular stance…..should i put push down on my left knee while pushing for a while to keep my board straight?!!!! I also am trying to get my ollies down….. 🙂

  • im 14 im a guy I just started skateboard ing a couple weeks ago cuz rob derdek I think thats how u spell his last name inspired me so I just saw this and I hope I can land it

  • I stopped skating when I was about 14.
    As a kid I first learned to cruise on a pencil board then had two more decks. They were shite TBH.
    This was in the 80’s so boards were different then.

    I could cruise around the streets, couldn’t Ollie, but could pop, but not Ollie (I didn’t understand the foot slide.) I had chicken foot.

    Nobody skated near me. I gave up.

    I bought a new deck at 23.
    Nobody skated, nowhere to skate. I gave up again, (still couldn’t frickin Ollie.)

    I’m now 37. Dug out my old deck, bought some new bearings and soft street cruiser wheels, (because the streets can be rough, but I still want to skate them,) and started to skate everywhere. I take it in my car and then use it everywhere I used to walk. I skate and cruise around town.

    I still cant Ollie, But I have been working at it.
    (I want to be able to cruise around and Ollie up kerbs.)

    I watch a bunch of tutorials, bought some ‘skater trainers’.
    I’m thinking of a new deck also

    This is what I have been doing to learn to ollie.

    I film it all and observe what I do in slow mo.

    Warm up for 10 mins skating around.
    2 minutes just practicing popping the board/ tail u and down between my feet.
    2 minutes standing on the tail practicing dragging my foot up the board.
    2 minutes lifting my nose with my hand and lifting my back foot right up on my board and then dropping it and allowing my foot to follow on the board.
    5 mins popping ollies with the skate trainers on.
    (I get good high ollies, but the board turns/ pivots round 45 degrees towards my back side.)
    Then Skater trainers off and
    5 minutes ollieing with back wheel in a crack.
    5 minutes with front wheels in a crack,
    5 minutes no crack stationary.
    5 minutes moving ollies.

    The ollies get less height as the training session progresses.
    It’s because the board is increasingly unstable as I remove the trainers and change and remove the pavement cracks to steady myself.
    Also I get chicken feet, but working on committing to going for the pop and committing to landing more.

    My main frustrations are the board turning towards the back side.

    I observed that my shouldenrs were not level so worked on keeping them level.
    I also noticed that when I pop that I throw forward my rear arm, and my front arm swings backwards. It stands to reason that my shoulders must be turning.
    I corrected that and throw my front arm up and forward to try to maximize my front shoulder staying level/ straight/ baybe even going forwards.

    Still the board turned out towards the rear.

    So I watched my feet.

    I don’t seem to be getting a lot of wear on the side of my shoe,
    Also when I was watching what happens with my front dragging foot I noticed I get a good clean straight pop, but as I start dragging my foot my toes start to twist the board, as I drag my foot up this twist turns into a turn and the board starts to pivot around and turn out.

    SO I think my dragging foot needs to be modified to stop the turning a little.

    What I did notice is that my whole body is turning as I drag my foot up, not noticeably my shoulders but my whole torso…

    I need to find the way to correct this.

    Looking forward hasn’t worked out well for me, I seem to do better looking down, straight, parallel.

    I got the better ollies when I relaxed a bit, its a lot to concentrate all at once…sometimes you have to relax and feel it a bit and every now and then I pop a sweet Ollie, but at the minute its like one in 200…

    I also try whails moving, but they are smaller, still turn out, but I am landing some now, albeit small ones at the moment.

    I’m not quitting this time.

  • I’ve learnt how to Ollie without rolling (like most people), but since wanting to learn the Ollie while moving, I’ve realised I’ve been practicing for the last week or so with my front foot popping. Is there anything I can do apart from learning how to Ollie the opposite way round? I suppose not, I’m just curious

  • Awesome!!

    I’m 31 and I just started skating too. I can ollie but they fluctuate a lot. I’ll do well certain day and certain day I won’t do well. It’s frustrating sometimes but I’m hooked. I go skating with my 5 year old son. He’s already practicing ollie. I think he’ll out do me soon. Man he picks up so fast like a sponge. Can’t wait till I can get all my basic tricks down so I can have more fun with them!

  • My problem is that my board always lands crooked when I Ollie. The worst thing is that I even tell myself to “keep your shoulders straight” while I’m doing the Ollie and I still land crooked. I think it’s just hard for people to grasp the simple fact that everything on a skateboard has to be done horizontally which is odd because people don’t walk sideways. We walk straight. Like roller blading for example…. it’s easier for me to roller blade because I’m used to walking and running obviously except with a skateboard everything is as if you were hopping over a fence sideways. Skateboarding is tough.

  • Hey guys how do I fix if my back foot keeps coming up while landing a Ollie it slides up and land in the middle

  • Hi I see guys popping good ollies without their tails hitting the ground. How? Thnx

  • Luna Longshadow

    Kia ora, skater chick from New Zealand here. I truly suck at ollies and fliptricks etc but…
    My friend Ollie helped me with my ollies recently, I could pop and slide my foot but couldn’t bring up the tail parallel to the ground. He said to me “you know what hurdles are right? Well, imagine yourself jumping over one sideways” so I tried and I got it! Hope this helps cos it definitely helped me

  • Hi, I am a beginner girl skater, and I thought I could help with ollies/chickenfoot, as I have faced problems with each.
    I am 14 years old and have been skating for around 5 years, but am only actually doing tricks as of recently.

    I’ve been trying shuvits and I could do them but could not land my back foot on the board. To fix this I did the simple jump on your board trick, a body varial and turned my board over with my toes underneath and jumped on. This has significantly improved me and I can now land shuvits.

    With ollies, I am still working on them, however I have the technique, I bend my knees and jump, halfway to my legs being straight, I pop the tail and pull my back foot up. Then I really rocket my foot forward and get a pretty decent height, I’m working on the landing but it’s a vast improvement from where I was.

    I hope this helps. X

  • Hi. I notice sometimes when guys Ollie their tails don’t touch the ground when they Ollie. But they still get air?

  • When i tried to ollie, i do a pop-shuvit, what am i doing wrong

  • Hi, I can do an Ollie for 1 month already but somehow my Ollie is always unbalanced, meaning the front nose pops much higher than the back wheel. I understand that this is due to my front foot not sliding up higher, but I’m not sure how to correct it because my foot seem to get stuck after sliding up about an inch. Is it because of wrong technique or lack of calf muscles?

  • Hey guys. I’m having a real problem with shifting my ollies. I’ve taken videos of myself in slow-mo and asked people to tell me of my shoulders rotate. They said that they stay where they are. My board always turns whenever I ollie, up to 90 degree turns. I think it might be the way I slide my foot. I’ve noticed that it may circle behind me a bit. And I’ve tried to correct it but just can’t. Any help?

  • I feel like I can Ollie but I’m too chicken to do it on concrete. I always hv my back wheels in the grass and the front on the pavement and I’ve already fallen on my ass

  • I have a problem. I ride with my left foot forward and my right foot at the back and I can’t ollie while riding.

  • Hey guys. I’m a girl and I am having some trouble with my ollie. I know the steps in order to do an ollie, but I can’t seem to do all of them. I can do a perfect pop on the back foot, but my problem lies in my front foot. (I am regular footed but idk if that matters) I know I just need to get my back wheels off the ground, but when I try to slide it, my foot just stays frozen. I try really hard to make it move, and when it does it just goes straight across, skimming the bottom of my shoes. Even then I can only move it half an inch. I have pretty mild griptape, that might change something? Idk.


  • So I Can Ollie Onto a curb my issue is my foot always lands on the nose, i lose balance and bail out. Any tips on how to fix that?

  • When i ollie i slide with my toe, i cant seem to slide correctly. Any tips ??

  • I’ve been skating for about 3-4 years, I can kickflip, pop shuv it, front shuv, 180 and almost heelflips. I can ollie and used to be very good at them and could get them clean, but when I started practicing kickflips, it made my slide all weird. I can still ollie ( though it’s not as clean) but now when I ollie I slide with my pinky toe and that region, instead of the side of my foot. How can I fix my slide? When I try practicing sliding with the side of my foot, it doesnt feel like I can turn my foot that far towards the board and when I do it slowly to see what im doing, i still slide with my toes.Thank you.

  • I havent really riden in about a year scince i blew out my knee dropping in on a half pipe. Now im trying to remember how to do some of my old tricks and when anybody watches (especially guys as they think less of my abilities for being a girl) i get nervous and cant really even do the simplest of tricks. Advice?

  • When I try to ollie, my board is flipped around, so it’s upside down or on it’s side. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

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