Skate Tips: 3 Tips To Improve Your Style

How To Improve Your Style On A Skateboard

When you’re just starting out your style dosesn’t seem to be as important as how many tricks you can land. It seems like some skateboarders only care about who can do what.

“Tricks get applause, style gets respect.”

It’s been said by professional skaters that style matters much more than what tricks you can do. If you can do amazing tricks but you land them looking sketchy you don’t get the full respect for the trick.

There’s 3 things you can do to improve on your style of skateboarding:

  1. Master the fundamentals
  2. Control your body
  3. Visualize your tricks
Stylish Skateboarder

Daewon Song has style!

Master the fundamentals – Get your Ollies high and stuck to your feet. Learn kickflips until you can do them with your eyes closed. Practice your 180’s and pop shuvits until you can do them every time. If you make the trick look awkward, you need more practice. Get really comfortable on your skateboard.

By doing this, you’re setting yourself up for success in the future. Those tricks you’ve practiced will now be part of your “bag of tricks” and you’ll be able to pull that trick out on practically any new obstacle you skate. Now you’ll have some tricks you can do consistently while also practicing and perfecting new tricks too.

Not only that, but having tricks “on lock” gives you the ability to better put together combinations of tricks. For example, my first trick combination was a kickflip backside 50-50 grind. To land that trick, both my kicflips and 50-50’s had to be down pat.

Control your body – The way your body moves is an expression of your style. Watch videos of yourself skating and notice how you swing your arms and twist your body. Then watch a video of your favorite skater and notice his or her way of skating and see how you compare.

Sometimes when trying a new trick, you land it a little unexpectedly and your body twists and turns, and your hands flail in the air… this is just your natural reaction. It happens to all of us. The more times you try that trick, the better you get at it and the more confident you become.

Once you become familiar with a trick you can roll away with confidence. New tricks on the other hand, you’re not 100% sure you’re going to land it, and that’s why it sometimes looks really sketchy when you do land it – it’s like you didn’t even mean to do the trick on purpose.

Your goal should be to roll away from all your trick just as you are when you land the trick. If you need a good example of this, watch footage of Mark Appleyard, Paul Rodriguez or Shane O’Neill. They all land theirs tricks above the bolts and roll away with confidence. They usually roll away smooth in the direction they landed their trick.

Visualize your trick – In your minds eye see how you want your tricks to look like. Don’t just see yourself doing the trick, but also see yourself rolling away from the trick. It helps to close your eyes and really imagine you were actually doing the trick exactly how you wanted to.

Like I said before, when your not confident in your ability to land your trick chances are it’s going to look sketchy. By visualizing the trick happening just a you want it to over and over again, you become more confident in landing the trick for real.

Visualize the trick happening exactly the way you want it to a couple times before you actually do the trick. See what you would see. hear what you would hear, and feel how good you will feel once you land it. Doing this will help you to land your tricks more consistently and confidently.

Before we wrap this up, there’s something that needs to be said. There’s no reason to be like Paul Rodriguez because there’s already one of him. Be yourself. To have anywhere near the success he’s had, you have to take bits and pieces of style from your favorite skateboarders, add it to your own unique personality, and develop your own style. This is how you stand out, get noticed by potential sponsors, and begin a career.

To summarize this blog on how to improve your style…

  • Work on landing your tricks consistently
  • Control your body
  • Command your tricks with confidence
  • Roll away like you meant to
  • Visualize your tricks beforehand, and…
  • Work on making all your tricks look effortless and fun.

If you found this article helpful, please share this website with your friends. Having someone to bounce ideas off is just what you need to reach the next level of your skateboarding. Create or join a team and together you can learn how to skateboard at the peak of your abilities and get the respect you deserve.

For the love of skateboarding, have fun!


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  • Very good guide. I’d add that the most unappealing thing is the arms flailing. Try to keep your arms still. It make it’s seem like your tricks float. I really always land a trick two or three times before I concentrate in making it look smooth. Professionals can make it look smooth first try but for most of us we need the confidence of landing it before we can worry about style.

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