Skateboarding Tips: Control Your Skateboard and Land More Tricks

If you’ve been loosing control of your skateboard trying certain tricks and you’re tired of your board landing anywhere but under your feet, keep reading because you might discover the solution to your problem.

In this blog post, you’re going to learn several ways how to take control of your skateboard and land more tricks. When you have total control of your skateboard it not only gives you the ability to land more tricks, it also gives you the benefits of style and ease.

Of course, practice is part of the equation, but there’s a few tricks you should know about when trying to controlling your skateboard to do the tricks you want it to.

Body Posture

This tip is especially helpful for heelflips.

If you’ve been trying to learn how to heelflip, but your skateboard keeps landing behind you, it could be that you’re leaning too far over your board. Try again, this time stand up tall and confident before you crouch down and pop.

When you pop your trick, make sure to jump straight up. This way your skateboard flips under your feet and not behind you. All that’s left to do now is catch the board, land, and roll away like a boss!

Correct your body posture and stand up tall when you’re out skating. This is going to help you feel more confident and relaxed, which will give you the benefit of landing more tricks.

Scoop Your Skateboard

This next tip right here is the secret to learning how to 360 flip.

The problem is when you try your first couple, your board tends to go way out in front of you. This is a common problem with beginner skateboarders learning tre flips (aka. 360 flips). It could be that you aren’t scooping your board enough when you’re popping the trick. You want to scoop your tail as you pop so that your board flips and spins directly underneath your feet.

You do this with your back foot in the back corner pocket of your skateboard, slightly grip the edge of your tail. Then as you pop the trick, scoop your tail with your back foot as your front foot flicks your board. Btw – your front foot also helps to spin the board 360 degrees, but most of the work is done by your back foot.

The scoop can also be used for a bunch of other tricks, like hardflips, frontside flips, 360 shuvits, etc. Learn how to scoop your skateboard properly and you’ll be able to land even more skateboard tricks!

Tight Trucks

This part is aimed towards skateboarders who practice flip tricks a lot.

If learning flip tricks is your thing, you might want to try riding your skateboard with tighter trucks. Because tighter trucks not only help for balance and control, it also helps for flipping and spinning your skateboard. Try this out and see if it can help you land more flip tricks.

On the other hand, if you’re a skateboarder who likes to skate transitions and cruise, rather than do technical skateboard tricks, then you probably will want ride your trucks loose.

Use Your Shoulders

A key tip to doing frontside 180 kickflips is using your shoulders.

When you’re trying to land a frontside flip, start by having your shoulders already turned slighting in that direction. You’ll find that it’s easier to turn the complete 180 this way. Watch this fronside flip trick tip by Andrew Reynolds to see what I’m talking about.

Other tricks, like the kickflip or heelflip, you should have your shoulders lined up parallel with your skateboard. Then do your tricks while you’re looking over your lead shoulder. And by keeping your shoulders straight, this should help to keep your board from turning on you as you land.

If your boards still continues to turn, it could be that you’re using a bad foot position.

Foot Positions

Just like you seen in the video above, there are certain foot positions on a skateboard for each different trick.

Learning the proper place to put pressure on your skateboard will flip and/or spin your board however you want it to. Watch how pro skaters place their feet for each trick and you’ll learn how different foot positions make your skateboard do different things.

For example, when you’re doing tricks that aren’t suppose to turn, make sure the pressure of your back foot is on the center of your tail. If you’re pressing down on an angle when you pop, this could cause your skateboard to turn in mid-air. Try a different foot position until you find one that keeps your board in a straight line.


These 5 skateboarding tips should give better control of your skateboard so you can land the tricks you want.

Just remember to stand tall, use your shoulders and jump straight up, so your board can flip under your feet and not behind you. If you need more flip in your tricks, try tightening your trucks a bit or find a foot position that works better. When attempting tricks that include a 180, like the frontside flip, have your shoulders turned to make it easier to complete the full 180. And for the tricks that need to be done without turning, make sure to keep your shoulders parallel with your skateboard.

Hopefully this helps you take control of your skateboard better… let us know in the comment section below.



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