10 Skateboarding Tricks for Beginners

Looking for skateboarding tricks to learn?

Below is list of 10 skateboarding tricks for beginner skateboarders, with video demonstrations for all of them.

As simple and complicated as these tricks can be, the more tricks you learn, the more momentum and enthusiasm you’ll have for landing even more skateboard tricks.

These tricks are listed from easiest to most difficult, with the ‘Hippy Jump’ being the easiest and the ‘360 flip’ trick being the most difficult. That being said, you can learn all these tricks in a very short period of time if you use the “secrets of skateboarding”.

Challenge yourself and see how many of these skateboarding tricks or other tricks you can learn this week.

1. Acid Drop / Bomb Drop

Let me explain the difference between an acid drop & bomb drop. An acid drop is done by rolling off a ledge and dropping without Olling. A bomb drop is standing and jumping onto your board, normally into a ramp. You could bomb drop off just about anything though.

2. Hippy Jump

The Hippy Jump was a trick made famous by Mark Gonzales. This trick starts with you riding with both feet over the bolts and as you’re approaching an obstacle, like a rail for example, you jump up and over the rail as your board goes undereath. Land over your bolts, roll away and peace out.

3. Ollie North

Next trick is the Ollie North. This trick is done by Olling and kicking your front foot forward over the nose. People often think this trick is a one-foot Ollie. Let ’em  know, this is an Ollie North.

4. Backside Noseslide

The Backside Noseslide is one of the easiest skateboarding tricks to land consistently, once you’ve got it figured out. Start by approaching the ledge from a slight angle, Ollie and lock your nose into the ledge. Keep pressure on your nose as you slide through, turn your shoulders, pop off the ledge and roll away.

5. Axle Stall

In this video, Tony Hawk and Colin McKay teach you how to axle stall. To do this trick, ride up the miniramp with just the right amount of speed and turn backside as you’re nearing the top and set both axles on the coping. Pause and turn your lead shoulder as you lean back into the ramp and ride away.

6. Olling a Stairset

To Ollie a stair set, you should approaching with the proper amount of speed. You might want to ride up to the stair set and judge the amount of speed you’re going to need before attempting the trick. When you’re ready to go for it, pop a nice, crisp and snappy Ollie. The better the Ollie, the better board control you will have. Practice your Ollies until your board sticks to your feet and you have total control. Then believe in yourself and commit to the trick.

7. Nose Manual

This trick is all about balance. Ollie up and shift your weight onto your front truck. Keep weight centered over front truck and nose manual to the end. Then do a small Nollie motion to clear your back trucks and pop off. Ride away clean.

8. Nosebonk

If you can nose manual, you can nosebonk. Nosebonks can be done on a variety of different obstacles, from sideways barrels to short ledges to rails and whatever else you can get creative with.

9. Early Grab

Learn from the master of early grabs… Mike Mo Capaldi. To do this trick, ride up with your hand in grab position, just behind your front foot heel. Then as you reach the coping, jump and pull the board up with you. Catch some air and roll out.

10. Frontside Tailslide

Once you’ve got frontside 180’s and frontside 5-0 grinds down, frontside tailslides shouldn’t be too difficult to learn. Approach from an angle, pop up and lock your tail into the ledge. Keep pressure on your tail and you slide through. Turn your shoulder as you reach the end and ride away.

BONUS. Tre Flip aka. 360 Flip

This is the cherrry on top… the tre flip aka. 360 flip. To do a tre flip, put your front foot in a pointy position alomst like you would for a kickflip. Your back foot should be in the curvature of the tail so you can give your tail a good scoop as you pop. Pop, flick , scoop, catch, land and roll away.

More Skateboarding Tricks & Tips

If you feel like you’re missing a piece to the puzzle, because you’re having to work so hard to land simple tricks and you’re getting frustrated that you’re not seeing better results already, you’re not alone. The majority of beginner skateboarders quit before they ever reach their full potential. If you know the secrets of skateboarding though, you can become a better skateboarder almost overnight.


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