Top 5 Tricks to Landing More Tricks

It’s been said there’s a trick to every trick. There’s actually a bunch of tricks and a lot of skateboarders don’t know about them.

It took a long time for me to find these out but once I did and started using them skateboarding became so much more fun. Landing new tricks is what makes skateboarding fun and it suddenly became easier to do that.

You want to learn how to land that nagging trick without all the frustration?

It starts with the first of five tricks…

1) Get inspired and in state

If you’re feel un-inspired your skating is going to be half-assed. Get into state before going out to skate. Watch your favorite skate videos on Youtube and get inspired. You’re going to be more creative and land bigger and better tricks when you do.

2) Focus on fundamentals

Before attempting to kickflip an 8 stair you want to make sure you have kickflips on lock. Any great skateboarder has the fundamentals down (Ollies, Kickflips, Heelflips, 180’s, etc). It is the key to landing more technical tricks. Fundamentals are also what makes you consistent with your tricks; and consistency makes you a great skateboarder.

3) Ask better questions

Any question you bring to your mind you will find an answer to. If you ask WHY you can’t land a trick, you will get an answer. The thing with that question is it gives you an answer that doesn’t help you. Try asking yourself HOW you land the trick instead. This will unlock so many more tricks for you.

4) Build some momentum

Land tricks you know you can land before attempting ones that you have a slim chance of landing. In other words, it helps to have some momentum before trying tricks that are slightly outside your comfort zone.

5) Keep your end goal in mind

Sometimes I get so excited about a new trick that I only visualize myself doing the trick and not landing it and rolling away. The problem with doing that is you never get past doing the trick. The obvious end goal would be to roll away from your trick feeling better than before. Keep the end goal in mind.

Because I’m a giver here’s an extra tip…

6) Act as if

Act as if you had already landed the trick. Feel the feelings of already having landed your trick. Feel how good you would feel if you landed your trick and feel like that right now!

Share this blog post with your friends if you think it will help. Remember you are only as good as the skateboarders you skate with. By sharing this with your friends you all get better at skateboarding. Everyone wins.

Peace out!

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