Trick Tip: How to Kickflip like Mike-Mo Capaldi

Kickflips are one of the first tricks every beginner skateboarder wants to learn.

It took me a bunch of tries figuring out what worked before I landed my first kickflip. One very important thing I remember doing well was having fun. Instead of getting frustrated I became fascinated with learning the trick.

Kickflips are so fundamental in skateboarding and it’s also the greatest feeling ever to be able to kickflip on command, so here to show you how to kickflip is professional skateboarder Mike Mo Capaldi.

Keep your shoulder parallel to your skateboarding when standing on your board. This is going to help flip your skateboard under your feet, instead of to the side.

Put your feet in the position Mike-Mo showed you in the video, crouch down, and POP!

Just after you slam your tail down for the pop, flick your front foot right off the side of the skateboard. Suck up both your legs for some hang time, catch your board griptape side up, and land with both feet over the bolts.

That’s how you do a Kickflip…

What’s important to note is learning how to skateboard is going to take some time. You’ve just got to be patient, give it your best, and stay positive. Become fascinated instead of frustrated and you’ll find that learning tricks can actually be fun.

Keep skating and having fun!


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